Winds of change

Like a surreal vision, the clouds move at light speed over head, while the whole world and everything on it stands still. Colors flash and lightning roars while the winds scream as the banshee seeking the kill. Howling, wailing, falling into the abyss of time. Upon entering this dark void I stand trembling and weak searching for the moment in time where innocence vanished from my soul.

As I lift my eyes I see the murky green whirlwind swirling, mixed with red and brown. It is as though the universe is entwined within, struggling and trying to find release from the grips of horror. As I stare deeper and deeper I see bright explosions ripping through time and space. A Crimson red wave crashes in with the force of a tidal wave and consumes itself with its own power. Then Blackness.

As I lower my eyes I see the demon of guilt rising towards me. It is oppressive and seeks to devour my very being. A Dragon floating upon the the clouds of yesteryear. Breathing brimstone and flame. it's eyes glow in contempt of my mortality. Billowing from it's nostrils I see glowing embers among the black smoke of his fury, whisping into nothingness as they float into the night. As the beast opens it's jaws I gaze upon thousands of pairs of eyes, souls devoured and helplessly trapped within this beast. Souls devoured in the conflict of men and consumed in the prime of their youth.

Through it all I have survived,

Through it all I have lived,

Through it all there has been much suffering.

But as the night falls upon a moonless sky and the ghouls of the subconscious reign hatefully and with vengeance. The Sun shall also rise and vanquish these demons of the night.

I no longer seek the loss of innocence...

I seek the innocence of loss.

Understanding this....

I stand upon the winds of change.

Boon 2/17/01