Whispers upon the wind

Whispers upon the wind
shadows among the trees
the ghosts of yesteryear
chill the haunting breeze

The crooked silhouettes
illuminated by blood moon
mist rising from musty ground
Harmony out of tune

Walkers on the wind
Roam the stillness of the night
seeking peace upon a land
where there are no more fire fights

They Smell the singed heat of war                                                    
They feel fear suppress their souls
They taste the putrid stench of death
They Long for the life the reaper stole

Moon beams streaking through the limbs
as a silver highway to the stars
they light the way to freedoms gate
for these travelers from afar

Step upon the guilded path
Lay your war torn burdens down
Ride the beams of eternal light
At last your freedom bound

I Hear laughter upon the wind
tears fall as gentle rain
I see a glowing vision of youth reborn
as they cast off their robes of pain

Silence upon the wind.........                                             

Boon 7 / 24 / 01