What is A Veteran


A Veteran is often forgotten

Looked down on by some

Cast aside and called crazy

'Til a war needs to be won



But all the world wants to see

Is a man with a cup

Begging for quarters on a corner

Down on his luck.



No one sees past 

The faded fatigues

Or that the  crazy old Vet

 Has holes in his knees,



And why does he beg 

And why the blank stare

 Well Mister you don't know 

Cause you've never been there.



This same man you look down on

In utter disgust

Was once given his countries 

Ultimate trust,



Of defending your freedom

And putting his life on the line

Ain't it funny sir,

How he's stuck back in time?



Those ribbons he wears

On that ragged old vest

Are badges of honor

Yet you stand there and jest,



He has lost dignity and honor

And grown old to soon,

But when the bullets started flying

Sir, where were you?



War is hell sir but give this some thought,

Where would you be

If soldiers like him never fought?

So the next time you see



That crazy Vet on the street,

Why not just shake his hand, not your head

And thank him....

For keeping America Free



 Copyright Richard D. Preston 2000