What does it take?

What does it take to make an Eagle cry?

Unmerciful destruction of American lives.

unknowing and working, to keep America free

Loved ones taken without warning so violently.

Yes,  there was time for some to say goodbye

Heartbreaking messages, tearful cries,

The loss of children , Moms and Dads

Separated forever, my God, 

...MY GOD...

 how terribly sad.


There will be certain retribution made

and by this loss of life, many will be saved.

Our honor demands that justice be done

The down payment of  this war,


by Americas innocent Daughters and Sons


Being an old Soldier, from a by gone war

One not so popular, but even so my heart now soars

at the unity and resolve and the resurrection of pride

in the Red, white and Blue flown half mast in our skies


...I  BELIEVE...

 there is a greater power than an Eagle, with tears in His eyes

No, he cant be seen but he has always been near by

And perhaps he is saddened that we have taken so long

to lift up our eyes and prayers 

and sung unto Him the long forgotten songs


But no need to fear, Gods grace still stands

And he holds those unmercifully taken, forever in his hands

And His love never fails nor will it ever canker or rust

...Because America...

Our blessed America, was built on the principle of,

  ...In God we trust...


" United we stand, Divided we fall "