What's in a Name?

The Wall stands in silence, glistening against the sun
Upon the panels names are written, the best of America's Sons
The black granite seems transparent as we stare into its depth
The hopes and dreams of young Warriors past, have faded into death.

The war was one of controversy yet we fought with all our heart
It was our duty to defend our Freedom though defeated from the start
Gallant soldiers trod the muddy soil in a land far away from home
Their Blood ran red in a foreign land while their names are etched in stone.

How many generations lost? How many paid the price?
Untold thousands fought in Vietnam - paid the ultimate sacrifice
Friends reach out from within The Wall as we stare with tear filled eyes
We reach to touch our comrades souls but only memories survive.

Never forget the ones we lost! Never forget the battle cry!
Never forget what Freedom cost to those who can't question why!
And as you stare into The Wall, your life will in some way change
Allow your heart to search The Wall - you'll see much more than just A Name.

Copyright Richard D. Preston