Unchain My heart:  


One day  chains that bind shall rust

And all men will be set free

pitted steel stained with blood

will be all that's left to see


Time will pass as time always does

and the forgotten will  not matter any more

Lost, brothers that time forgot

deemed an acceptable loss of war


POW and MIA,  

random letters  now obsolete,

Just like these battered chains

Which bound bleeding hands and feet


Once we said with stern resolve

" Bring them home or send us back "

but the flags we flew and the bright hopes we had

have now faded to shades of black


These chains could not be broken

Nor could the will of these brave men

I believe, They stood upon broken limbs

Loving America, their  family and friends


These chains now hang in silent rooms

perhaps never to be found

and the damp dark, shadows of yesterday

have muffled  torture's sounds


God help them and, God forgive us

If we have failed to remember  freedoms cost

As these chains,  our hearts should be broken

for  these men and for their loved ones lost...


Boondocker 3 / 17/ 2001