Rich Preston, 9/25/01

      Folk style tempo

They Didn't Die Alone

D                                                   C                    D

God bless the home front, the / land of the / free

                                                        C                              D

Make it safe for our people; we /put -our trust- in/- thee    ( pause)

D                                                                   C                      D

The times they are a changing, just like / Dylan once /said

                                                              C                                    G

By a foreign hand, a terrorist band, /  N Ystreets -ran -/Red


       C                                       G

The/ heartland of A-meri-ca / also bleeds today

                   /C                                                                D                D 7

There are/ loved ones who are missing, suddenly/ taken aw/ay

C                                                                    G

 Heroes who gave their lives, with out  a /thought for their own

D                                                                                               C                       D    

Wish we had time to say we loved them, and that they /did-n't - die -a/lone-

                            C                     G    D



 D                                                             C                                        D

Stand strong my bro-thers who have /seen- blood -shed- be /-fore

D                                         C                   G

This aint the battlefield,  / this ain't Viet/nam

D                                    G              C                              D                 

This is A-me-rica, we /-gotta -/ help -her- stand / strong

C                                                D



 D                                                              C                              D

From the skies came the terror, that/ rocked the whole/ world

D                                                                    C                                                D

Shook the stars on Old Glory,  now the / red - white and blue - is un-/furled

 C                                           G

U-nited to-gether, for the/ first time in years

C                                                             D                              D7

Our nation looks different, through/ eyes filled- with -/tears     (PAUSE)


 C                                                           G

The times they are a changin,  Star/Spangled Banners being sung

C                                                                          D                                              D7

We just wanna let the world know - we are /free-doms daughters and /sons

C                                                                         G

We don't buckle in the hard times, these co/lors will not run

 C                                                                      D                          D7

 Liberty often shines brightest after the /setting -of -the- /Sun


 C                                                      G

And the heart land of Am-er-ica/ still bleeds today

C                                                                 D          D7

Our loved ones are missing, suddenly /taken /a-way

C                                                         G

Heroes gave their lives without a / thought for their own


Wish there had been time to tell them,

           C                        G

They-/ did-n't - die -/a-lone


         C             D       G

they/ did-n't /die- /a-lone...       C - G - D - G


Boon, 9/22-25/01