There is a time

There is a time for every season

As the old gives way to new

Would to God we could stay the hands of time

But knowing that's impossible to do



Wishing peace on earth were eternal

Never broken up by earthly pride

someone said that if wishes were horses

Even the poorest beggar could ride



Praying that all be filled with daily bread

That eat drink and be merry was the rule of heart

all of God's creatures had roofs above their heads

 and all families had a warm fire in every hearth



This season of joy shall be hard to express

Considering the loss suffered across this land

Old langsyne will have new meaning to some

With those missing at their right hand



My desire for you, the ones we  love

Is that you know before time slips away

That we wish you joy, love and peace

During these our blessed holidays



There is a time for every season

Our lives are richer for knowing you

You remain in our hearts and in our minds

The Boon's Poetic Justice Crew..



"Happy Holidays, from Rich and Nancy"