The Eye’s have it.

God blessed America

But I see many hungry kids

I see the homeless searching garbage cans

And shadow cities under the bridge


I watch as we feed other nations

We fatten them up in times of war

But good God Almighty

Why does America ignore her poor?


Charity’s are a dime a dozen

But when payout times at hand

They sing and dance to a different tune

played by a red taped political band


Today I have stared into the face of hunger

It was etched upon a young Childs face

Wide-eyed and trusting, they believe

In the compassion of the human race


God has blessed America my friends

But its leaders are not divine

They have no holes in their high-class roofs

Their five hundred dollar suits are money lined


God, it’s time to bless the homeless

The victims of the greater plan

Lets drop some food from on high right here

BUT! How silly of me,



Rich Preston 11/12/01