The Spirit Sentinel


I slept with those at Shiloh
I listened to them pray
I walked on both sides of the line
Dividing blue and gray

I touched them in the trenches
Amidst the cannon roars
Would that it just could have been
The war to end all wars

I was there at Normandy
At every row of hedge
I had my arms around them there
At the ocean's edge

On the reservoir of Chosin
I sought to soothe their souls
I wept with them as they withdrew
Their bodies claimed by cold

I gave comfort there at Khe Sanh
And at Hamburger hill
And I freely give it yet today
To those who need it still

In the darkness of the desert
When they were put to test
If someone only called to me
I held them to my breast

Then or now....war or peace
He sent me to this task
Out of sight but easy reach
To any who would ask

Just know that I am always there
Beyond the ring of light
A never-sleeping, silent sentry
To still the raging night

June 4, 2001