There were times when Lonely couldn't describe what we were feeling,

We were surrounded with the death that Vietnam was dealing .

We survived the battles and we won the wars

But how do we live with our memories behind closed doors?

Imagine if you could, That is... if you care,

Fighting  for  countries who didn't want you there

Americans nor the Vietnamese 

The rejection of both brought us to our knees.

Blood ran red and stained the soil

  Peace demonstrations were  held with tempers that boiled

ARVN shit birds  that ran away from the fight

as death  claimed the brave, forbidding last rights.

 We held our Brothers as they lay there and died

Helpless and hopeless we sat there and cried

We clung to them as they drew their last breath 

But we were powerless to ease the sting of death.

 Look into our  eyes, they will pierce your soul

You will see tragedies within ,  that will never unfold

Words unwritten, that will never be read

Held  captive  with  honor  by the walking dead



Copyright Richard D. Preston