Broken trust, 
words cast like stone
honor bound, 
unraveled, alone
hasty actions, 
unsure reactions
leaves no sense 
of satisfaction

We say we love,
we say Brother,
we say always,
But is it meant for others
We turn a cheek
But continue to speak
false accusations
without fear of compensation

Ripples turn to waves
waves crash to the shore
erosion depletes 
gone forever more
never again to reveal the heart
emotion and reality must live apart
etter to rest, 
than be put to the test
etter to live quietly in solitude, 
than to offend loudly in the multitudes
etter to take time to heal, 
for it soothes the sense of feel
etter to know Living, 
not just condemn its misgivings
etter to rationalize
than it is to fantasize
etter to rearrange,
that which you cannot change
etter not to comprehend,
what the heavens send

Better to conform, than to transform,

The Beattitudes....
Boon 4/30/01


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