Seasoned Beyond Reason


Time has not erased the folly of Man. We are as we were from the beginning of time.

 We have  learned nothing  from the history of our forefathers. We continue to stumble

and we continue fight wars as we are destined. It is our nature to do so.

As Vietnam Vets we have fought with honor, We were ridiculed by our own

people, and we were let down by our own nation. We have taught the world that 

there is no glory in war, Yet history continues to repeat itself. After all,

WE are The Brothers and Sisters of Cain and Able.




" Seasoned Beyond reason "

Seasoned beyond reason
Aged to imperfection
Senses dulled and eyes slightly dimmed
                   Mirrors of the mind still cast reflections                    

Time has shelved histories books
The ravages of war bear no more pain
Children talk of Pokemon
The worlds future wrapped up in games

Television has taught our youth to kill
but without pain or consequence
Politicians have the best of both worlds
They are experts at straddling the fence

Do unto others as you would have done unto you
causes one to live in a fools paradise
It's the ME generation steeped in de-generation
Black and White still cannot be spliced

Simple words seldom regain simple truths
Hidden mystery in the begot, begotten and the begats
Hard to make heads or tails of anything Holy
from all those Genesis stats

We can talk of world treaties and short terms of peace,
feeding the hungry and clothing the poor
But money still talks and poverty still walks
upon our own American shores

Peace and love, honor, pride and trust
Five common cards laid upon life's table
Yet no matter how hard we try to deny the lies
We are still the Brothers and Sisters of Cain and Able

As I said,
We are aged to imperfection!

Boon 8/23/2000