" America's Most Wanted "


Homes are empty, Children unborn

Generations missing, hearts are torn

Lost but not forgotten, our Prisoners Of War

Shame on America, for  this festering sore



These served with honor, yet have been turned aside

Where has it gone? America's pride,

We were united, we were once strong

But these vanishing heroes have been gone to long



Could one imagine an existence like this

Having your life forgotten, not being missed

A number, a statistic, no future, alone

Consumed with the thoughts of getting back home



They share the same darkness, 

They search the same stars

They stare at the same moon 

wondering where their loved ones are



They experience the same pain

But to a greater degree

God open the Eyes of our government

Help our leaders to see



That we as a Nation 

refuse to forget

Our  MIA & POW's

America's most wanted Vet's




To us,



...They are America's Most wanted...



Boondocker 9/08/01