Marines are forged in fire
to the very highest degree
Trained to fight and maintain honor,
Our history is plain to see

Each has another history,
The home that built the man
The heart of it a Mother
Who first held a tiny hand

From the distant shores of Tripoli
Montezuma and Gitmo Bay,
Bougainville and Tarawa,
Marines are remembered to this day.

Their mothers came in many forms
But shared a common goal,
Her child would grow up sound and strong
Be there as she grew old

We held the Marshall Islands
Iwo Jima and Peleliu,
Okinawa and Japan,
The Chosin Reservoir too.

Their mothers often held their breath
As each stood up at first
They cheered each new accomplishment
And fixed the little hurts

We fought a war in Vietnam
A war our Nation denied
From Saigon to the DMZ
Marines still fought with pride

Their Mothers watched the news each night
Heard names of cities far
Fought tears as they heard the body counts
dear God - that's where they are.

Brothers fought and Brothers fell
From Khe Sanh to Con Thien
We battled long and battled hard
We were faithful to the end

Their Mothers fought the dread inside
Please God; not mine or others'.
They shared the battles; shared the pain
This Honor Roll of Mothers,

We thank each Mother who gave her child
Who honored the Marine Corps creed
Who gave the very best they had -
A United States Marine!

Richard D. Preston & Lucille J. Biscaglio

“Semper Fidelis”

Published in
The Magazine of the Marine Corps

Page created: Sunday, 28 May 2000

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Marine Corps Battle Hymn



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