The chopper circled quickly
Then like a vulture it touched down
To where my best buddy lay
Wrapped in a poncho on the ground

Only hours before, we had laughed
Until we almost cried
But things happen quickly in war
Because again somebody died

I came to Nam a few months ago
less than twenty-one years of age
But I am not the boy I used to be
I've changed in so many ways

I grab one side of the poncho
This will be his last chopper ride
But at least his war is over now
Because again somebody died

I don't know what I'm doing here
Unless it's fighting for my friends
Seems I lose another one every day
I wonder, when will it end

The chopper blades stir up the dust
It ends up in my eyes
I watch as the chopper leaves
Because again somebody died

The chopper disappears in the distance
Facial expressions reflect disgust
Everyone seems to be teary-eyed
It must have been the dust

Another life has ended
Another mom will cry
Another casualty of another war
Because again somebody died.

Loyde P. “Snake” Arender
©June 6, 2000

Page created: Sunday, 11 June 2000

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Somebody Lied



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