It's not what they have on their sleeve
Nor is it a bar or a star
And it's never what's worn on their shoulder
That determines who they are.

Instead, look on their collars
The emblem that is there
And on the hats of Veterans
Or shirts they proudly wear.

An Eagle, Globe and Anchor
that certifies their birth
into a special family
unique upon this earth

Marine Corps blood has written
on soil of many lands
The history of this family
that's passed from hand to hand

Theirs is a special language
that means more than they say
“Semper Fidelis”, Always
and BEYOND their dying day.

“It's not the stars or bars you have; not what you wear on your sleeve or shoulder, that determines what you are. It's what you wear on your collar - the Eagle, Globe and Anchor - that puts you in the Brotherhood of Marines.”
...Brigadier General Carl Mundy, USMC

Lucille J. Biscaglio
“Easy Echo”
Loved one of a Marine
E-2-26 Marines, RVN '67-'68

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Brothers In Arms



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