If they had died, what would they have missed
Their loved ones in the future would not exist
This is a fact that all soldiers must bear
Some not knowing why, when or where.

The families... that were left behind
Praying to God that theirs would be fine
Expecting that telegram or that heartbreaking call
A Son or a daughter not coming home, after all.

They gave up their life for what they believed
So that you and yours would always be free
Special memories of them will last...
As the Nations fly their flags at half mast.

In your thoughts... think what they have missed
And be thankful you have loved ones to hug and kiss,
Look deep into their eyes... it's a safe bet
The reason their there is because of a Vet.

Charles “Outlaw” Preston
©May 2000

In honor of Memorial Day 2000
Take time to honor Our Veterans
who made our life so fine

Page created: Sunday, 28 May 2000

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Dear Ones

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