Nuthin' ain't Nuthin'

In the center of town 
there's an old park bench
cracked and withered with age
It faces a war memorial of Granite 
In front of it Old Glory waves

Upon this worn out resting place
often sits a weary old man
who seems to stare into nothingness
in silence with folded hands

he remembers a time when 
he returned home from war
There were no marching bands
not a thank you was uttered
for taking a Patriots stand

He fought in a most unpopular place
His own countrymen cursed his name
But he fought and he survived
as he watched others die
he lived his life in silent pain

One day a bold and brash young man
confronted the forgotten Vet
He said, damn old man it's history now
ain't it time that you forget

That was then and this is now
maybe you just need to get a grip 
Man you weren't a hero then or now
your just a worn out crip

The old man broke his fixated stare
his eyes were as hard as steel
he looked into the eyes of the rebel lad
and said' How does freedom feel?

It really is "time" that I "cant" forget
And "history is" where "History's made
all gave some and some gave all
Some returned and others stayed

some are still listed as MIA's
But you have no concern of that
The hero's you mock gave you the right
to spout off without knowing the facts

Nuthin aint nuthin, but nothin's free
Only those who fought can understand
cause freedom cost sumthin and that sumthin's blood
From a Brotherhood of a higher degree

The Old man fixed his eyes 
back upon the rugged stone
folded his hands and then bowed his head
and he thanked his God that he was alone

The battle remains, nothing has changed
its just a different time and place
And he thanked His God for the right to fight
But mostly for His Amazing Grace

Boondocker / 2000