(  Lebanon New Hampshire )

My Home Town

Nestled  in the mountains

Amidst the tall pine trees

The narrow babbling brooks

The cold crystal clear streams


The  memories of the smile

In my dear Mothers Eyes

As she thanked her son's

For the glowing jar of fireflies


The wooden covered bridges 

The old hitching posts

The park with the band stand

Where we listened with the folks


The small street fair 

In the center of Colburn Park

The smell of cotton candy 

The Ferris wheel lights after dark


The long walk home

Under the stars and the Elms

Where even as children we knew

There was a great God at the helm


White steeples rising high

Towards the blue heavens above

These are just a few things about

The hometown I love


Someday I will return to the fields

Where we played among the tall corn stalks

But my dream, Is to trace the steps

Where my Father once walked


Boondocker 8 / 30 / 2001