Knights of the Sky

No shining armor, no gleaming sword.
No crested helmets, and no liege-lords.
The conflict ahead, like no other before.
Brought millions of men, before death's door.

Some of these men came, to fight the fight.
Their horror of war, was fought in flight.
A different group, a whole new breed.
Wood, canvas and engine, became their steed.

This uncharted world of air combat.
Was new to them, and I'll tell you that,
Many say, they were gentleman all.
But I'll testify that they, heard the warrior's call.

When you hear the tales, of the honorable men.
Who allowed their foes, to live and fly again.
My heart tells me, you know the score.
For each one left alive, died a hundred more.

The lessons learned, surely paved the way.
For the sons to follow, in the new dark days.
Their mounts did change, with speed and power.
Was there any quarter given, during Britainís "Finest Hour"?

On the bombing raids, over Germany.
Or at Midway Island, across the sea.
Many brave young lads, stared into death.
And far to many, drew a long last breath.

But still the world, can't seem to see.
That there's a better way, that we should all be free.
So once again, the young shed blood.
On Korean snow, and in Vietnam's mud.

From wooden props, to afterburners.
From canvas skins, to stuff much sterner.
The men whose job, is "Control the Skies".
Must do their work, with killers eyes.

There is no glory, when it comes to war.
The end result, should be to want no more.
But sadly I feel, we haven't reached that day.
The young will fall, while their mothers pray.

Russ Lee 2001