Hits you hard and from behind
attacks your emotion and peace of mind
Snatches away your sense of joy
then discards happiness like a used broken toy

Turns clouds with silver linings
into the dark things we dread
knocks us flat on our back
while grief dances in our head

Pales the victory of battles we've won
Erases the memories of the good you have done
Don't get me wrong, all guilt is not bad
when we learn good, from situations gone bad

But more often than not,
nine times out of ten
We beat the same dead horse
over and over again


From a Mothers cocked eyebrow
or from her teary eyed look,
For something we said
or something we took.
Something ill spoken
that was mean or cruel,
Spreading rumors or lies
believing things that weren't true.
A sudden loss
turning you back on a friend,
Living your life
while another life ends.
Being meek or weak
when you should have been bold,
But we should never feel guilt
for things beyond our control.

Remember my friends
when it comes to GUILT,
It could possibly be the best tool
That defeat ever built!

For Tony, My Brothers and Sisters, And, for myself.
" Guilty of being Guilty "

Boondocker / 2000