The ghostly feelings of a haunted past

A hot summer night's chill goes on past

An eerie feeling, never felt before

Red clouds above take the shape of WAR

 A sudden wind, sounds of voices

Sprits flowing, making strange noises

Could it be my friends, having their final say

Wanting to run, but my heart said stay

 Falling to my knees, the fear had gone

Whispers telling  me " you've done nothing wrong

You were there for us, fighting by our side

It's wasn't  your fault, it was our time to die

 All these years, we've been at your side

Standing beside you our hearts filled with pride

An honorable Vet,  you turned out to be

Thinking about us, yes, this we could see

 Your our buddy, forever and more

When your day comes we'll be at the door

We are proud to have known you, thought you should know"

As the night turned again silent," we now have to go"

 A wonderful glow filled me with love

"MY GOD", those were my buddies, they came from above

They have answered my prayers after all this time

From this day on, I know I'll be fine

Copyright Charles "Outlaw" Preston

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