French Fry. 

What does that word mean? 

When we go out to eat it is common for any cholesterol ridden consumer to say,
May I have an order of French Fries Please! I don't care where you go it's always French fry's. 

Give me a break, Even in Chinese restaurants where they have the buffet they have French fries there 

to eat. Couldn't a little originality be used here? After all it aint exactly French quisene your eating in. 

Damn lets get a grip on this term. If I were to name (FF) in a Chinese place maybe I would use the term 

Flench Fly, but perhaps that's a little to ethnic, so maybe Just General Tso's Tater Strings would be ok. 

I don't know! Think about it! What in hell do the French have to do with growing Idaho potato's.
Just because we slice and dice up a potato does that mean the French can stake a claim to it.
Come on lets get real. The Idaho Potato growers name may be Jean Claude Levesque but the friggin
potato was still grown in the USA and that makes it as American as Potato pie.Frig the French name tag. 

Idaho fried potato's is a keeper as far as I am concerned. I wandered around Wally World...( Wal-Mart )  

for those upper crust shoppers, Trying to get a logical answer to" Why French Fry " from my wife! 
She said if I don't stop it they would lock me up, I said "who the French fry police"? She said no the men with 

the white coats. Ah I thought, Maybe the Chef at Mc Nerds called the police on me. What the hell I figured I 

needed to get to the bottom of this. After all they have cooked a Zillion French fries over the years,while claiming 

to be the American Dream of free enterprise. 


I Don't get it! Pizza doesn't originate from Italy, it originated from France. Even So, I never went into an Italian 

Restaurant and ordered a French Pizza. What the hells up with that? Even the Italians sell French Fry's but they still 
call There specialty an Italian Pizza. Ok , I am just gonna have to ponder this thought and reason it out. 

Chinese= Flench Fly
Italian = Atsa Fried Spudini
Polish = Potatoski Frie'dovich
French = Vous Crispette Potato Ala Deep fry

You get my drift! A little imagination.
Lets call a fry a fry and to hell with the Frenchification!

Boondocker.... 1999