Forever and a day

A thousand years ago;

Moonbeams streaked down through the jungle trees like silver tracer rounds. Laying there upon the damp ground in the darkness, they were a welcome sight. Eyes were searching and riding those beams upward to the freedom of the heavens. In them we escaped the moment where we were frozen in time. A time of hell, a time of loneliness. We were mostly teenagers thinking about a different place where the moon not so long ago shimmered in silken hair of our high school sweethearts. A place where the passion of youth ruled our emotion. Vietnam was distant and did not compete for our souls or thoughts as we listened to the radio for that special song that became "our song". 

The vision fades;

A new song has been recorded in our hearts and minds now, these being the songs of sorrow and screams in the night. The sickening perfume of the rotting jungle left little time to fantasize about love and home. This moon seemed to be seeking us out, as a deadly beacon illuminating the darkness exposing us to dangers around us. A quiet sense of doom was always present during these times of ambush, this heightened our senses and repressed our hope. Vietnam, was a roller coaster ride that dropped some off into oblivion and others into a living hell twisting our sanity while forever altering our sense of innocence. Still today we pray that the ride will not jump the rail; Well most of the time at least. 

The reality remains;

Today as I look to the night sky the Moon remains timeless. A mix of emotion engulfs me. Many moons have passed and some years have been kinder than other years. I hear the sounds of the past reverberating inside my head. The music of the mid fifty's and early sixties brings a smile to my face and the essence of  the sweet perfume of youth. The clean sweet smell of shampoo that lingered in the hair of my girl as we held each other in our arms. Not having to say a word, lost in the moment we were sure would last forever. There are times now also that this same moon brings back other sounds, sights, and emotions I'd sooner forget. Times where death, loss and separation are overwhelming. Yet even so, to have lived and felt and experienced these times there remains a sense of peace knowing that I have survived. Now is the time, now is the place as I look into your eyes, where love overcomes the darkest side of the moon. We stand together side by side as one now; my Lady and me, secure in each other and secure in our love for life. Not the first fleeting love of my youth, but the love God had set aside for me. I understand the reality of it now though I did not then. True love is eternal. Though the radio waves of the past are silenced and the silhouettes of  youth have disappeared in the shadows of time, Nancy, I have loved you forever, and a day.


Our song still plays.