Dear God ,I Cried

I had set sail upon the sea of darkness
My masts were broke in two
the sails were torn and shredded
there was no captain of the crew

Drifting upon a sea of heartache
heading for the rocky coast
All had abandoned this sinking ship
I was left here with the ghost's

The waves were crashing round me
The wind was at full gale
Water flowed beneath the deck
I had no choice but to cut the sails

Through the howling of the wind
My body wracked with pain
there upon the broken bow
I Saw the Anchor chained

I set the anchor tumbling
into the heaving briny sea
I held on to the ships rail,
waited for the sea to swallow me

But the Anchor held...

In the midst of the storm....

The Anchor held steadfast.....

Though I was battered and torn......

Then I saw the Captain
through the mist of the sea
He was not alone
I swore I saw three

The Anchor held fast
as storm clouds ripped by
I could not believe
what I saw with burning eyes

There was the CAPTAIN,
The ANCHOR by his side
And a Ghostlike SPIRIT,
towards Heaven the THREE did rise

I was saved from the storm
By this wondrous crew of three
The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
Who heard a broken mans plea...

Dear God, I cried...

Boondocker \ 2001