Dangling Conversation


A thoughtful conversation with myself

About the validity of anger within my being

And it is difficult I say to reason with logic

Cause itís hard to see through the red Iím seeing


Now my conscience is seared because of white rage

For my heart beats out impatient rhythms

I know even giants have to crawl before they walk

But damn the endless tape and the unsystematic systems


I said to myself, must I continue to toe the ground?

And must the color of my psyche be so blue?

Is it wrong to want justice served?

My reply to me, to thine own self be true.


Then my soul inquires of my prickling flesh

I know what it is that troubles you

Itís not revenge that empowers you to do

Tis in the above verses, your totally committed


To the Red White and Blue


And I said to myself,


Youíre not as dumb as you look!


Boon 10/07/01