Randy asked the question:

We went over there and proudly served.
We never ran and hid.
We'd try lots of things when we got unnerved,
But whyíd we say it donít mean nuthiní when it really did?

©Randy Richmond
January 2, 2001

Here's Boons Reply:

Cause the visions were real and the blood ran red
couldnít live with thoughts of our buddies dead
so we blanked it out, buried them alive
thousand yard stare is how we survived

Didnít mean nuthiní to us then,
forgot where we were and where weíd been
smoked Bangkok gold, drank tiger piss
who you didnít know you wouldn't miss

Donít mean nuthiní was the way of war
bagged Ďem up and shoved Ďem in the chopper door
The chopper flew away, we shed no tears
Donít mean nuthiní was our crutch - hid our fears

Itís not that we didnít care
Itís just that nobody wanted us there
when we returned from hell to the USA
Our buddies were gone but the blank stare stayed

We fought our war and lived our lives
Coffee still costís ninety and five
Medals on our chest, the hurt still stings
ítil they put a flag on our casket it wonít mean a thing.

Donít mean a thing Bro; donít mean a thing...

©Richard D. Preston
January 2, 2001

...Meant sumthin Then Bro, Still does...