Bonded Souls

Your knowing smile of friendship
With your laughter quelled my fears
We have built a special kinship 
Everlasting through the years…

There are Bonds that can't be broken.
These are ties that hold us fast 
Memories and words not spoken 
Souls bound ever in the past…

I deeply feel each word unspoken
Hear each heartbeat on a sigh
As I reviewed one message written
Then read another one tonight...

Emotions hard to understand
But united hearts cry out
Resounding love for this great land
It's what shared pride is all about…

These friendships that we speak of 
Come in many different kinds
Some so strong are forged in battle
But all are strengthened over time...

Seek and find that special brother
Hear his laughter once again
Maybe you can help each other
Share again and ease the pain...

This hero when you see him
You will know him by his eyes
You're so close that you could BE him
And YOU know each night HE cries...

Eternal bond has never ended
Only strengthened over years
The knowing smile, the hand extended
And your laughter quells your fears...

Boons Bunch