A New song:

I was chained in darkness,
I was bound for despair
I never had a kind word
I cursed the very air

So I continued on down
life's twisting road
never wanting to share
my Brothers heavy load

I seemed all right to me
I was cool as can be
til something out of this world
Got a hold on me

I don't know how it happened
I just went to church for fun
I sat on the front pew
I couldn't wait til church was done

I twisted in my seat
sweat ran down my back
Some one grabbed my heart
I thought I was having an attack

Oh, I was fighting a war
I felt to lost to be found
I screamed like the devil
but I never made a sound

Then before the preacher quit
I fell down upon my knees
Then for the first time in my life
I knew what it meant to be free

From the low down stinking mire 
God reached His hand down for me
He said I'll take you as you are
Your sin makes no difference to me

I give you robes of white
I'll even adopt you in
I'll build you a mansion
Never remember your sins again

I'll give you all I that have
Make you a Child of a king
Where your voice used curse
I'll give you a new song to sing

We'll this mean old mind
found it hard to comprehend
Why God would want to save
One of the lowliest of men

He took on the challenge
I put on His Grace
One day this old sinner
will look upon his face

I've got a heavenly Father
I'm a joint heir with his Son
I'm on my way to Glory
Soon as this ole life is done....

Boondocker  Dec. 2001