I have never seen the scars, that my Jesus bore

nor touched the crown of thorns, that my King once wore

I did not feel the pain when He was nailed to the tree

nor saw the tears He wept, on the road to Calvary 


 I was not at His feet, when He bowed His head and died

no I was not there as the spear pierced His side

many before had died on the mount of the skull

but my life began, when the Lamb's Blood fell


Yes my life began when His precious blood fell

it washed away my sin, saved this sinner from hell

no I was not on the cross, but I was on His mind

His undying love has spanned the gulf of time


Near two thousand years have passed since that dark and lonely hour

but the Blood of the Lamb has never lost it's power

no other man can equal what Jesus has done for me

He saved my lost soul, and set this captive free


copyright,1995, Richard D. Preston