In the Book of Revelation

it tells of a great White Throne

the damned of  Earth shall stand there

lost and all alone


The King of King's they rejected

despised, mocked and scorned

they will stand guilty before Him

for in the Bible they were warned


Judgment will be passed upon them

while God's saints gather round the throne

loved ones they knew in times gone past

are led to their fiery home


Their trembling fingers accuse God's own

they curse the Living God

you should have made me listen

they scream as they are cast off


The tears of tens of thousands

fall from saddened eye's

their hearts are heavy and broken

for those deceived by Satan's lies


The last man is cast into the Lake of Fire

Satan has been destroyed

the screams of the damned have faded away

a still silence fills the air


Jesus stands, saints fall to their knees

and sing worthy is the Lamb

God wipes all their tears away

and points to the New Jerusalem


The angelic choir sings amazing grace

the Saved begin to rise

the pearly gates of the city swing open

their mansions before them lie


There is victory in Jesus

we are saved by His Blood