A beggar is found lifeless on a court house lawn

his clothes were tattered, his face was worn

a news paper for a blanket, he was always in the way

but the sad truth is he needed good news today


an addict shoots heroin into life giving veins

as his body quivers, his heart explodes in pain

it's a tragedy we are used to ,and had he lived another day

he may still have used drugs but he needed good news today


the good news we have is not ours to keep

but so many Christians are afraid to speak

many desperate souls in danger of hell

how many today, have you failed to tell


a baby was aborted in a back alley room

another child was murdered  in darkness and gloom

the mother was fragile she could not  be saved

two helpless victims needed good news today


someone you know may draw their last breath

and upon your shoulders their destiny rest's

a beggar or an addict, a stranger along the way

everyone you pass by, could use some good news today


copyright 1994,Richard D.Preston