A crown of thorns upon His brow

nails pierced His healing hands

Jesus who is the King of the Jews

gave His life like no ordinary man


His life's Blood flowed bright crimson

down that cursed, rugged old tree

a soldiers spear pierced the innocents heart

so that the guilty might go free


Oh what a love, what a Savior

who could love a wretch like me

and suffer a cruel death on the cross

to save a soul of such low degree


Christ now sits upon His throne

His scars have long since healed

but His love for mankind has never changed

In His Word it is plainly revealed


It's not the crown of thorns nor the rusty nails

the spear, or the cross of wood

none of these could ever save

and we know that they never could


It was the sacrifice of the Lamb of God

the shedding of His Blood

sinner's must wash in His crimson flow

to  partake of God's grace and love


Just come to the cross on bended knee

and present your heart to Christ

His grace and pardon you will receive

and obtain the pearl of great price


copyright 1994,Richard D. Preston