When I was just a little boy 

sitting on my mamma's knee

she read me stories from the Bible, 

it always meant the world to me


I'd watch her as she read God's word, 

her face would seem to glow

she'd hug me tight and teach me what's right, 

down her cheeks her tears would flow


Little man she'd say as she dried her tears ,

don't put your hope in money or fame

if your gonna get to heaven, 

just put your trust in Jesus' name


believe in what the Good Book says 

and walk the straight and narrow way

I'll be leaving you for a little while, 

but I'll be waiting at the Pearly gates


I learned at a young and tender age,

that Jesus was more than a friend

He was mamma's Joy, peace and strength

she called His name on her death bed


I still remember way back when,

mamma read by candle light

I'd hear her praying on her knee's

long past the hour of midnight


" I'll never forget the last word's mamma said,

as I held her hand by her bed.

she said I'll be waiting by the pearly gates,"


I'm a lot closer now than then...


Richard Preston 1991