BPJ's CoOl rapPpin' GroUp jaMMin' woRd slAmMin bin Laden dAmMin' Song



Rocker Cal

'bad dude hatched an evil plot 
boys won't rest until he's NOT!
makes me mad, makes me hot
wanna put him down and let him rot'

Jarhead Jive Man
Playin a game of hide n' seek
Kills the innocent preys on the weak
sooner or later bin'l be found
he's jus another snake livin' under ground
... Yo Mamma Loo
he hurt us bad but we got the cure 
beard seekin' now be part o' the tour
gonna' git him soon and that's for sure
he's stinkin' dung we won't endure
ramblin' randy rappuh
he brainwashes kids to think dyin's right 
yet the S.O.B. won't stand up and fight
thinks with money he can win a war
but Uncle Sam done closed the store
Sistah Fly Faye
Shave off his beard tear off his dress 
I`m no soldier but I can make a hella`of a mess 

Toss ya naked in da road Run ya down with a car

 Bin Ladin ol` boy if ya' think I bad - WELL I ARE !!
Bushee Toe Bro
bearded fool; stirred the wrath  
woke the giant - now he come forth
freedom's awake; bin'll shake
an all terror in the world will quake

united world; no place to hide
'cept tunnels in a mountain side
rabbits hide; ferrets find
ain't no room for terror's kind

Jarhead Jive Man

Like a ball a twine

s'gonna unwind

yo mamma osama's

 gonna lose his be-hind


Thas' right uh-huh... WORD!



BPJ Rappuh's