The Point Man


The “Point Man” stopped
dead in his tracks;
he had spotted something on the trail.
The expression on his face
as he looked back,
conveyed disappointment and disgust as well.

The patrol column halted.
As I walked to the front
to see what the “Point Man” had seen
and there beside the trail
lay what was left of a Grunt;
a disfigured and lifeless Marine.

The tracks, the drag marks
and the shell casings nearby,
told a story of a Marine brave and true.
He had fought courageously
until only moments before he died.
Shot numerous times, shot almost in two.

His hands had been gently folded
across his bloody mutilated chest.
Had someone knelt by his side?
Had the enemy soldiers
seen a warrior at his best;
a Marine who had lost but had tried?

I contacted headquarters
making a med-evac request.
This Marine was to be on his way home.
And as I stared at his hands folded on his chest...

I wondered if he had really died alone

Loyde P. “Snake” Arender
©May 16, 2000

Dedicated to
Colonel Richard “Dick” Barba, U.S.M.C.
and also to the many other Marine Officers
who led us through the Hell... that was..
South Vietnam

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