Walking the jungles
of an unknown land
some scout alone...
some travel in bands.
A nervous sweat,
a body not knowing
who hides in the background?
No lights are glowing.

Total darkness,
the still of the night,
the sounds of suffering,
the rank smell of fright...

Every step that you take,
the snap of a twig!
A voice from the dew shouts
“go home you pig.”

What goes through your mind?
What are you thinking?
Eyes wide open
and not even blinking...

“I am a Soldier...
I am here to protect,
To serve God and my country
I must not forget.”

“I will lay down my life,
so others might live.
I will pray to the Lord,
and beg he forgives.”

a life I must take;
my weapon is firing...
and it's no mistake!”

An enemy's body falls
and lays dead on the ground....
The night returns to silence,
not one single sound...

“I have survived!
I did my best!
My eye's have grown weary,
now this soldier must rest....”

Charles “Outlaw” Preston
©May 2000

Page created: Sunday, 28 May 2000

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Darkness On The Edge Of Town



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