Our battalion was afloat when I met this brave Marine
Who brought laughter on this very dismal eve
He barely knew me, nor I knew he
but there was a twinkle in his eye that made me believe
that everything will be alright... tomorrow.
When we are dropped into this war of sorrows
we will go out and fight for our buddies lives
because that's all we have in this country of blight.

The morning dawns as we board the C-46's
to be dropped on the middle of nothing but thickets.
We start our sweep in search of the enemy
but instead find mines of which there were plenty.
Many Marines were left without appendages,
Many Marines were taken by God for eternity.
This brave Marine was wounded with less severity
and Med-evac'd out to begin his recovery

A few weeks later on another operation
this brave Marine returned to continue his dedication
but something was wrong; You could see it in his eyes.
The blank stare of death that reaches to the soul...
this brave Marine told me he was going to die,
but I refused to believe what I saw in his eyes.
This brave Marine was killed in an ambush that day...
This brave Marine was J.J., and I pray to him every day.

Keith “Rocky” Miller

Dedicated to
James Juna Johnson
K.I.A. February 28, 1969
Quang Nam Province, RVN

Panel 31W - Row 94
Vietnam Veterans' Wall Memorial

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