This day means more
than just another day, another year

Though I may not express my love enough,
and though my words may seem bold and tough,
without you there would be no us

...How unbearable that would be...

I love you more than you could know
with these humble words I hope to show.
Written with love and expressed in rhyme.
Keep them locked within your heart
for my love knows no boundaries
nor fades with time.

...My Heart has Always Been Yours...

Your love for me is plain to see;
it's in your eyes and in your deeds.
The way you lovingly serve and always please
brings me gently to my knees

...To Whisper I Love You...

Though time rushes on, I remain to see
the Beautiful Young Girl that married me.
For time itself cannot erase
the glow of youth upon your face.
Though now threads of silver adorn your hair

...My heart still sees my Maiden Fair...

...I Love You...

Written by Boon for Nancy on Valentines Day 1999

Richard D. Preston
©February 14, 1999

Page created: Sunday, 28 May 2000

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When A Man Loves A Woman



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