He’d always been a fisherman he knew the waters well.
He did quite well at this pursuit, as history will tell.
Children watched intently at the seaman’s knots he tied.
And many mouths would feed upon the bounty he’d provide.

Sometimes the children traveled with him to the shore.
They would cast the waters with him until their backs were sore.
Though patience is a virtue, at times the man would curse.
When the catch of a day before would turn from bad to worse.

You see sin was not a stranger to this man who held the rod.
Until one day he met another known as the Son of God.
Now his life was changed as he followed Jesus' ways.
The teachings of this man called Christ would fill his many days.

This man who walked on water would become his greatest friend.
He vowed that He'd be with him always through the thick and thin.
This promise that He made the man, He sealed upon a cross.
Belief in Him and blood He spilled would count as gain, not loss.

I'm not speaking of the Bible’s Peter, but another man I know.
A man I'm proud to call my Dad, who passed on not long ago.
And the promise Jesus made all men, to pave for them a way,
Assures me Dad is angling with Him in eternity today.

So Dad, though you can't hear me... as those wondrous seas you float,
Save some places for us in Heaven’s golden boat!

In loving memory of ‘Duke’ Richmond
U.S. Navy Veteran, my fishing partner, and father extraordinaire.
(April 4, 1927 – December 28, 1993)

Miss you pa,

Randy Richmond
©December 31, 2000

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Oh My Papa



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