A hand reaches up from the fires of hell
A lesson to be learned but no one to tell.

A rich and proud man who was born to scorn
Mocks Lazarus the beggar whose clothes were torn.

The rich man had it all
wore robes of purple, walked so tall
but he would not share a crumb of bread
Unable to foresee the coming dread

Lazarus begged for a morsel of food
The rich man thought him poor and crude
so the rich man laughed and gave him none
once more the Dogs under the table won.

The rich man died and went to hell
Deep into the pits of Hades he fell
He saw Father Abraham up on the brink
And the rich man begged for water to drink

“Dip your finger in water and give me a drop
For upon my tongue these flames are hot”
Abraham looked down and replied
I cannot, for you fared very well when alive

“But... Lazarus now stands at heavens door
How can that be? I was rich and he poor!
The dogs licked his putrid wounds
I don’t know how could I have died so soon”

“I should have been kind; I should have cared.
I had plenty, I could have shared.
Now it’s too late to make amends
This is not how I thought my life would end”

“Father Abraham!  Dip your finger for I thirst!
Abraham you must warn my relatives first!”
But the gulf between the two was far and wide
And from God’s judgment, no man can hide

Live to do well, be gentle, be meek.
Lift up the downtrodden; be kind when you speak.
Our Lord above loves and cares for the poor.
How will you do when you knock at His door?

Richard D. Preston


It would be Hell without Him!

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