His gift to me...

I stroked his brow as he gasped.
I squeezed his hand as he breathed his last.
He looked intensely in to my eyes
as he soared to home in Heaven's skies

The peace he left with me was deep;
a gift from him to me to keep.
The strength he showed to me today
has helped to ease my pains away.

My time with him at his last
has helped me understand my past;
and evil done so long ago
is put aside - now I can grow.

To cry and hurt and feel the pain
of his passing has been mine to gain.
As senses numbed by years of hate
come alive as his death renews my faith.

His Gift to Us...

We learned to pray - a gift of joy
sensing love; death's bonds destroyed.
Tears of sadness and of care
replacing pain of death's despair.

Thank you father here on earth
for life and happiness, joy and mirth.
Thank you for all that you have done
to enable us to be what we've become.

We will sadly miss your smiling face;
your laughter and your tears of grace.
But we, your sons and daughters, know
that your love is here with us below.

Written for Maria's dad, Angelo, who died on 6th April 2000.
Bushranger lovingly presented this poem
as his Father-in-law's eulogy.

Anthony W. Pahl
©April 4, 2000

Page created: Sunday, 28 May 2000

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