When you are weary
and have no place to go
When the road that's before you
is a road that's unknown

When you feel your life's empty
and your tears fall like rain
When loneliness surrounds you
and you've done all that YOU can

There is one who really loves you
and waits for your call
He's our loving Father who wants
to give you His all

He'll give strength in your weakness
He'll calm raging storms
He'll bring light to your darkness
He'll guide you back home

He waits at your hearts door
won't you let him in
Can't you hear the Father calling
Your life is precious to Him

So don't cry in the darkness
don't think you're alone
Don't travel that lonely road
Look to God - God alone.

Richard Boon

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

~ Music ~
El Shaddi



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