The cross has turned to dust
The nails have rusted away
Golgotha's hill is silent
Gone are the crimson stains

“Crucify Him!” is a distant echo
That day, just a memory
His accusers lay in a restless grave
To late to hear the Saviors plea

“Father Forgive them”
He cried out from Calgary
His broken body fastened
Between earth and eternity

All signs of life were gone
Death convinced that he had one
But little did darkness know
Of the power of God's Son

The earth was cloaked in darkness
The veil was torn in two
Hell would never be the same
Since Jesus led captivity through

His power still saves sinners
His Blood washes white as snow
Those who have felt His healing touch
Sing Jesus loves me this I know

Death has Jesus conquered
The grave He's overcome
He is God and He is risen
Life is eternal through the Son

Halleluiah Christ is worthy
Of all power and all praise
For upon that rugged cross
It was Forgiveness that He gave...

Richard D. Preston

Page created: Wednesday, 14 June 2000

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The Old Gospel Song



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