All through the years you've been there
each smile from you held dear
I still can hear your voice,
each “I love you too”
Just as clear…

Every wild flower that I brought you
accepted as if it were a Rose
A Grandma's love unfathomed,
as only heaven knows…

Sometimes I'd come and sit with you
you'd always welcome me with a smile,
a hug was always waiting there
a safe haven for awhile…

When it was time for me to go,
I'd always leave with some advice from you
there was always something new.
Some little pearl of wisdom
seen from your special point of view…

Now years have passed and it's almost time,
for God to call you home.
You're ready for His sweet rest,
never more on earth to roam…

Somehow it makes my heart ache
just a little less
knowing you'll be in heaven,
with Judy at your side
Walking with the Saviour,
Ever more to abide…

“I Love you Gram, with all my heart”

Kristy Newell
May 5, 2000

Page created: Sunday, 28 May 2000

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