A soldier worn and battle torn
stood gazing upon the scene.
He wondered why an innocent must die
on this battlefield called Calvary.

War was raging round about;
demons danced and shouted with glee.
The Captain of salvation bled
as he hung from a rugged tree.

He was said to be some sort of king;
nobody listened as he cried aloud.
He had no golden crown, just thorns;
He hung naked before the crowd

Yet the battle worn soldier could not break away
as the Captain looked into his eyes,
and he saw no guilt within this man;
no self pity in His cries.

Many battles the hardened soldier had fought
but this was a war of a different kind.
His armor was pierced and his heart was torn
as he gazed at the hole in the Captain's side

The war torn soldier fell to his knees
before that blood stained cross.
He felt his burdened being lifted
instead of feeling despair and loss.

The Captain cried, "Father forgive them
for they know not what they do."
But this battle torn soldier understood
just as the Veil was torn in two

He arose to his feet and smote his chest;
his grief to much to bear
Inside he heard the Captain's voice,
"My son I'll greet you there."

The war torn soldier gathered himself
and walked away silently and unafraid.
For he had met the Lamb of God
and his sins had been washed away.

The soldier worn and battle torn
turned once more to face the Nazarene.
Grateful because he found life among death
on the battlefield called Calvary...

Richard D. Preston
©December 1st, 2000

Page created: Monday, 08 January 2001
With thanks to Charles “Outlaw” Preston

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