The conversation, not yet spoken…

“You know, I've been thinking.”

“What about Rich?”

“About friendship and what it costs.”

“Why should that bother you?”

“Well, because I think it’s something we take for granted.”

“How so?”

“Take for instance years back when we were in Vietnam and how we got separated. You kinda went your way and I went mine. Then I heard about the action at Thua Thien. It was just after that that we lost touch if I remember right. Strange isn’t it how things work out? We make a pledge to get together and to stay in touch. Then we both just sorta lost communication with each other. I never gave it much thought ‘til now. Of course when one dedicates his life trying to cloud his mind with drinking and drugs it’s easy to forget the past. I gotta admit, I was pretty angry for awhile, and in a lot of ways I still am…”

“Yeah, I understand how you feel Rich. Me too.”

“Yeah, I hope you do, because now that I have found you again I promise to keep in touch. I know that you will always be here when I need you. It’s a comfort knowing that, my friend. It is good to be together again after all these years.”

“You did miss me?”

“Yep. I did and still do.”

“Why did it take you so long to pay me a visit?”

“I was afraid of how I would react to seeing you this way.”

“Well Rich, I can see how you could feel that way - after all it's been thirty three years now. I just want you to know that it’s all right. Guilt should never enter into this conversation or the past. What’s done is done and what’s in the past is the past; Understood?”

“I think I do… It won’t be easy but thanks. I had better be going, but I’ll be back soon to visit. You have plenty of company here on the Wall… I miss you my friend. And to all of your friends I just want to say thanks for giving your lives for mine. Semper Fi Ron, Semper Fi…”

Richard D. Preston
©December 19, 2000

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