Mike, Boon & Pine


We fought as one in the land of the Sun
Through the jungles and monsoon rains
We were taught how to kill and take useless hills
then to accept and to bury the pain

Taught to forget loss and to carry our cross
not to grieve for the Few and the Proud
We sat in the silence in stubborn defiance
crying inside but never aloud

They had so much to teach; senseless goals to reach
we learned these hard lessons well
We lived for the moment, overcame torment
thinking we'd never return from that hell


we said our goodbyes; flew to friendly skies
War torn, dazed and alone
They taught us well to survive, to fight and to die

But they never taught us to come home...

Richard D. Preston

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

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Nowhere Man



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