Precious names engraved
on Nickel Silver Bands
Men who have been left behind
in a war torn distant land.
Forgotten by our nation
left unaccounted for
Each year they go un-noticed
forever casualties of war.

I see their honor auctioned off
a price put on their grief
for a few dollars on a gamble
you too can own a piece
of the greatest human tragedy
known to modern Man;
you too can own a piece
of a P.O.W. lost in Nam.

I too wear a bracelet
I have worn it many years
in honor of “Buzz Ellison”
could we ever count his family's tears.

Remembered, not forgotten
as I live each and every day
and wonder if he survives
or is his home a hidden grave.

We take for granted our freedom
we live this life with ease
we seldom give a thought to
Heroes such as these.

There are those of us who still care
we keep the flames alive
you can see the pain we carry
it is mirrored in our eyes.


it can't be bought for any price
there is no substitute for dignity
nothing more precious than a life.

Think upon the generations
taken from this our cherished land
and focus on the heartbreak
etched upon the Nickel Silver Band

Richard D. Preston

Page created: Saturday, 27 May 2000

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